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FITMOM 2 BE is designed for women that want to stay active & fit throughout pregnancy. By increasing muscular balance and improving cardiovascular endurance, a well-trained pregnant woman goes into labour with an advantage that will help her endure the physical demands of delivery.

Women who exercise during pregnancy report an overall feeling of wellness and improved self-esteem.FITMOM2Be will build confidence in your body as you prepare for the journey of motherhood.


  • Fewer complaints of constipation, swelling, leg cramps, varicose veins, fatigue, and extra weight gain
  • Postural improvements result from exercise causing reduced back pain.
  • Exercise also helps to improve circulation and reduces pelvic and rectal pressure
  • Research from New York University indicates that active prenatal women in the 1st trimester reduce the likelihood of miscarriage by up to 40%



  • Increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients to babies of exercising mothers.
  • Higher APGAR scores (Activity / Pulse / Grimace / Appearance /Respiration) which mean babies are generally more alert and active.
  • Easier time establishing breastfeeding.
  • Tend to have more lean muscle mass, which means, generally speaking, these babies will be stronger.

FITMOM & BABY (Babies 6 wks-18 mths)

Andrea Page's Original FITMOM & Baby class is the most popular indoor workout. Whether in a baby carrier or lying next to you, your baby will participate in the class and provide progressive resistance to help you get lean and strong. Babies from 4 weeks to 6 1/2 months are safest in a front carrier, while older babies are best suited to a back carrier. Consult with your doctor to see what's best for you.

All FITMOM & Baby classes include exercises to target all the major muscle groups. Each class includes:

  • a warm up
  • 20 minutes of standing exercises (with baby in carrier),
  • 20 minutes of interactive floor work,
  • an aerobic circuit and
  • a warm down and stretch
  • Each class concludes with a baby activity that changes weekly

In the course of the session participants will be able to address concerns about postnatal fitness and will receive handouts on relative topics for their interest.

FITMOM classes are a great way to meet other new moms, get in shape, feel more energized and most importantly have fun while bonding with your baby.

* All participants should have had their 6week postnatal check up before starting FITMOM & BABY classes*